Her Brand New Style

Sally’s put some make-up on,

but she is only three,

and that’s the reason for the blob

of lipstick on her knee.

That’s the reason that you see

mascara on her nose,

and the reason she now has

those multi-coloured toes.

The little brush to polish nails

sure made dear Sally smile,

so now her cheeks are cherry red —

she loves her brand new style!

Yes, Sally put some make-up on

cause she is all alone,

which will surprise her mother

when her mom gets off the phone.

11 thoughts on “Her Brand New Style

  1. Poor Sally–and poor Sally’s mom!
    When I was 4, I somehow got hold of some scissors and gave myself a haircut–a very short and decidedly one-sided affair. I don’t remember this, but my mom said it gave her quite a scare–more because of the scissors than anything else.

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  2. Our hairdresser just opened again. Hubby and I were almost her first customers! Our stylist, Susan, said she was surprised how little she had to do to fix my bangs – I guess I’m getting better at self hair cuts.


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