Donny’s Donuts

Donny sure loved donuts.

In fact, that’s all he’d eat.

He would not eat his veggies.

He would not eat his meat!

He would not eat an apple.

He would not eat a pear.

He would not eat a pickle,

not even on a dare.

No, all he’d eat was donuts,

chocolate stuffed with cream,

or butterscotch with sprinkles,

or one he called “The Dream”!

You’d think this boy would suffer

from eating all that fat,

from eating all that sugar

and nothing more than that.

But Donny was protected

and would not need a nurse

because that donut-eating boy

just lives inside this verse!

6 thoughts on “Donny’s Donuts

  1. I’ve always said that if I am diagnosed with terminal something and will die soon, then I am going to switch to eating only dessert… dark chocolate … and apple pie… and carrot cake… and banana bread…

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