Cards With Fred

Last night my parents tucked me in

and said no monster hid

in my closet or my drawers,

and so “Good night” they bid.

As I settled down to sleep,

I thought I heard a sound.

T’was down beneath my double bed —

I froze first — then I frowned.

My closet and my drawers were safe,

but what about my bed?

Shortly after I thought that,

I met the monster, Fred.

Fred was big and hairy too.

He had some warts and claws,

and as you can imagine,

to see him made me pause.

“Hey, Kid,” he said, “don’t be afraid.

I can’t help how I look.

Most monsters are the nicest guys,

unlike those in a book.”

He had a deck of card with him,

and so we played a while.

Fred really was the greatest guy,

and he could make me smile.

He told some jokes and we sure laughed,

and then I went to sleep.

After that, I must assume,

Fred, from my room, did creep.

I told my folks about the night

and said what fun I’d had.

I said my monster’s name was Fred,

and he sure made me glad.

My folks said I’d just had a dream

and I thought, “What the heck!”

And I believed them up until

I found Fred Monster’s deck!

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