Romance in Grade Two

I really loved sweet Mary Lou

who sat beside me in grade two.

Her eyes were big and bright, bright green.

She always smiled — was never mean.

She never noticed me at all,

cause I was short and she was tall,

and so I thought I’d write a note.

I thought real hard and then I wrote.

I folded it and had to smile.

I looked at her across the aisle,

and threw the note right on her book.

She opened it and had a look.

She started laughing at the note,

at the message that I wrote,

and as she laughed, I played it cool,

cause after all, we were in school.

She couldn’t stop laughing for a while

and on my face, I wore a smile,

cause in that note to Mary Lou,

in great big letters, I wrote, “BOO!”

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