My Homer

I really should have studied

for this test today,

but what I did instead of that

was go outside and play.

I thought I’d play a short while,

and then I’d read my book,

and so I went down to the park

to have a little look.

The guys were playing baseball

and so I joined the game,

and then I hit a home run!

My home run is to blame!

That homer is the reason

my test I just forgot.

I really had been planning

to study quite a lot.

My home run was impressive,

and all the guys did say,

“That homer was a monster hit”,

so I just had to stay.

It was the greatest feeling

cause most guys struck right out.

I was the coolest guy last night —

there really was no doubt.

But now today I’m sweating

and really have no clue,

concerning photosynthesis

or what plant life can do.

I know my folks will lecture

when they see my grade,

and thinking of my home run now,

I’m still glad that I played!

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