In My Imagination

In my imagination,

I’m tall and really fit,

and people all around me

think I’m quite a wit.

I drive a car that’s really fast!

I’m handsome as can be,

and cause I am so wonderful,

most wish that they were me.

Those things, of course, can’t happen,

but still I have a lot —

a warm bed and a bone to chew,

cause I’m a dog named Spot.

8 thoughts on “In My Imagination

  1. This was great and I’m with everyone else, I didn’t see it coming. It did remind me of an old Far Side cartoon where these two guys are looking at a dog curled up on a rug asleep. The dog is saying, “And then I caught this 200 lb. cat and really kicked its butt…Once I drove my master’s car…I can outrun a greyhound…I can bark in seven languages…” And the one guy puts a hand on the other guy’s shoulder and says, “Edgar! Leave him be! … Always best to let sleeping dogs lie.”


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