My mom says I’m a worry wart.

I worry through the days.

I worry bout the strangest things —

my mom says it’s a phase.

I worry that the dog next door

won’t like me anymore.

I worry that my hockey team

won’t ever make a score.

I worry that the frosted flakes

next morning won’t appear.

I worry that the picture on our TV

won’t be clear.

I worry that the snow won’t fall

or that the moon won’t glow.

I worry that the ice won’t melt

or that the trees won’t grow.

The item on my list of worries

at the very top,

is that my stupid worrying

is something I won’t stop!

10 thoughts on “Worries

      1. I had a recurrence a couple of years later and my mother took me to see a chemist (as you did then) He told me (directly to me, rather than Mum) not to worry, they would be gone by my next birthday. They were! Both strange events, but showing the power of auto suggestion perhaps?

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