Poor Sammy

My turtle died just yesterday,

which really made me cry.

I could not understand why God

would make my turtle die.

My mom told me poor Sammy

would be happier in Heaven,

and so we held a funeral

around the hour of seven.

Three kids arrived with flowers

and that sure did make me glad.

It all was so exciting

that I wasn’t quite so sad.

We placed Sam in a jewelry box,

surrounded by some cotton.

We sang a hymn and said that Sam

would never be forgotten.

We dug a hole six inches deep

and put the box inside,

replaced the dirt, and sang again,

then everybody cried.

Now today my folks are trying

to really cheer me up.

The time is right, I do believe,

to ask them for a pup.

This was first published in 2001, in my children’s poetry book, The New Toe: Poems To Tickle Your Funnybone

5 thoughts on “Poor Sammy

  1. Ah, yes! Those dreadfully smelly little turtles you had to feed from a can of dead house flies! I remember my little sister was really sad when hers died and kept digging up the teeny box– to see if he had gone to heaven yet.

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  2. We have two cats buried in the back yard. I’ll have to remember to tell the next owners of our place about the location of the burials… I wonder sometimes what I would do if I found bones (that I didn’t put there) when I dig in my yard. Quickly rebury them, or try to determine from what beast they came from…


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