The Day After Groundhog’s Day

It’s February third today,

and in my den I plan to stay.

I’m scared to venture out my door!

My poor, old nerves can stand no more!

On the second, yesterday,

I thought I’d go outside and play,

so from my den I happily walked —

the scene before me left me shocked!

Fifty cameras, maybe more,

flashed as I walked out my door.

“He sees his shadow!” were the cries!

I just saw spots before my eyes.

Now spots are gone, the people too!

T’was awful what they put me through!

The folks round here are dumb as rocks,

cause I’m no groundhog — I’m a fox!

This poem was originally posted February 2021, and I have a feeling you’ll see it a year from now!

7 thoughts on “The Day After Groundhog’s Day

  1. I see Balzac Billy has predicted another 6 weeks of winter. Personally, I predict another 12 weeks before our family texts us in Arizona to say the snowbank in front of our Alberta garage has melted and we can come home… (A few years ago that also meant our septic system had thawed and was working again…)


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