The Doubter

There was a boy who liked to doubt

whatever teachers talked about.

He doubted two and two was four;

he doubted three and three was more.

He raised an eyebrow when he heard

the ostrich is the biggest bird.

He disbelieved that some squirrels fly;

he said it was a great big lie.

He doubted that the world was round;

he doubted what Columbus found.

He said that science was so phoney,

and that teachers talked baloney.

Years later, this boy still sits there,

doubting what is round or square.

He may have doubted just for fun,

but he’s still sitting in grade one.

2 thoughts on “The Doubter

  1. Enjoying these poems!! Light humor that has an amusing twist. Will share with my grandkids 😊
    Keep them coming!


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