Bathing Blue

My brother and I needed something to do

and so we decided to bathe our dog, Blue.

We filled up the bathtub with water and soap;

“Mom will be happy,” I said with great hope.

Now Old Blue was sleeping and snoring quite hard

under a tree by the swing in our yard.

Mom was out shopping and Dad was at work;

“They’ll sure be surprised,” I said with a smirk.

We pulled and we tugged Old Blue up the stairs

and into the bathtub, despite all his glares.

He tried to escape — that dog wanted out!

Especially when Neil put soap on his snout!

We scrubbed and we rinsed that dog tail to head,

but what happened next, still fills me with dread.

As Neil went to grab a big, fluffy towel,

Blue leapt from the tub with a threatening growl.

He ran from the bathroom and right down the stairs,

just a mighty big mass of drippy wet hairs.

On the living room couch, Blue jumped with great glee

and the next thing he did was as bad as could be.

Blue started shaking and trying to get dry

and throughout that room — water started to fly!

The lampshades soon dripped, the piano did too;

the pillows got soaked with the rug through and through.

The pictures of family were wet as could be,

and the dripping wet ceiling was something to see.

The couch and the chairs and the tables and walls

were totally drenched as were Mom’s antique dolls.

The rest of that day was not at all good —

my parents reacted like your parents would.

Of course we were grounded; of course we were sad,

and our punishment sure seemed to make Old Blue glad.

I’ve learned many things from that messy mistake,

and if buying a dog, my advice you should take.

Chihuahuas are perfect so buy one — please do,

while a dog to avoid is a Sheepdog — like Blue.

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