The Talker

Sarah talked the whole day long —

that kid would not shut up.

She talked so much on school days,

her teachers would erupt.

They’d send her to the office

to talk to Mr. Green.

He was, of course, the principal,

and he, of course, was mean.

“Why are you here?” this man would roar.

(He was quite short and fat.)

“I’ve seen you here too many times.

You must be quite a brat.”

“I never swear,” dear Sarah said.

“I never hit or cry.

I never steal, I never cheat,

I never, ever lie.”

“You see, I’m really not a brat.

In fact, I am quite good.

The problem is, I can’t shut-up —

even when I should.”

She’d then keep talking bout herself;

she’d really ramble on.

Soon Mr. Green would get so bored

that he would start to yawn.

And soon her voice would disappear

cause he’d begin to snore,

and Sarah would just sit and chat

until the bell at four.

Sarah never did shut-up

though tried her very best,

yet Mr. Green was quite content

for he got lots of rest.

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