Hide ‘n Seek

I’ve found the perfect hiding place

behind this open gate.

We’re playing Hide ‘n Seek right now,

a game, I think, is great.

Tom’s discovered everyone,

that is — except for me,

and from here I can plainly view

Tom staring up a tree.

Now I see him peek inside

the big old garbage can

that’s right beside the one in which

he found my best friend, Dan.

He’s on his hands and knees right now

to look beneath some cars

which is the way I saw him find

my stupid brother, Lars.

Tommy really is confused —

he hasn’t got a clue.

He sort of looks like he might cry

and wonders what to do.

Yet I know Tom — he won’t give up!

He’ll search for me til dinner.

If he would only give up soon,

then I would be the winner.

Because I have a problem now,

a winner I won’t be

for I will soon reveal myself

when I run home to pee!

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