Running Away

My mom asked me to clean my room

and I just said, “No way!”

I got so mad I packed a bag —

I thought I’d run away.

So here I am with bag in hand

a block from my front lawn.

I packed a book and Ted, my bear,

and my mom knows I’m gone.

I told her I was leaving home.

She said, “I’ll miss you, Jack.”

I told her I was sick of home

and that I won’t be back.

She said she’d leave the door unlocked

in case I change my mind.

I told her not to look for me

cause me, she’d never find!

She said, “I guess you’ve made your choice.

I guess this is good-bye.”

But what surprised me most of all is —

she didn’t even cry!

I slammed the door when I left home

cause that sure makes her mad,

but now that I’m a block from home,

I just feel kind of sad.

The trouble is I’m scared of dogs;

I’m scared of big kids too,

and some of them I’m sure to meet

and then — what will I do?

I wish that I had thought of this

before I ran away,

cause if I go back to my house,

I’m not sure what to say.

There’s no doubt I’ll feel stupid!

I know I’ve acted mean,

so I suppose I’ll have to say

that now — my room I’ll clean!

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