Summer Blues

The summer’s here and school’s through,

but now I don’t know what to do.

I’ve played with friends and watched TV,

but now those things don’t interest me.

I’ve slept and read and cruised the Net,

until I’m bored as I can get.

I’ve swum and biked and jumped and run,

but now those pastimes are no fun.

“What should I do?” I’ve whined to Mom,

but her suggestions are just dumb.

Clean your room or write a letter —

you’d think a mother could do better!

I’m really thinking I’ll go mad

with boredom — nothing is as bad!

In school, I would sit and dream

of summer — what does all this mean?

I know I’m driving Mom insane

because I’m just a whining pain.


At solving problems, Mom’s the champ —

she just told me I’m going to camp!

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