Douglas bought a bag of chips

he did not want to share,

and so he hid it in his room

beneath his bed with care.

He opened up the bag of chips

and ate three, one by one.

He popped them in his mouth with glee —

not sharing them was fun.

He walked into the living room

and saw his brother, Bill,

who if he knew about those chips

would try to eat his fill.

Yes, Douglas smiled and left the room

as he thought of that,

yet down beneath his bed right then,

he would have found his cat.

7 thoughts on “Sharing

    1. Actually, what inspired this poem was what happened to me, the selfish one, with a chocolate bar and our dog, Dingo. Fortunately, he didn’t eat much as if would have made him sick. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat most of my chocolate bar and was darn mad at that dog!

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  1. Great poem! Once my sister found grapes hidden in her son’s dresser— grapes! Not candy, chocolate or chips…
    “look kid you can have all the grapes you want!” 😂

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