The Stirring

Up in the attic, dark and still,

is where the thing occurred.

Within an old green toy box

a little something stirred.

Was it Sandy, that old doll,

whose ringlets once were pruned?

Was it Ben, the teddy bear,

whose ear was chewed and ruined?

Was it Lance, the gallant knight,

whose sword was lost outside?

Was it Beth, the baby doll,

who once — both laughed and cried?

Was it Dutch, the wrinkly dog,

who barked with just a squeeze?

Was it Fluff, the fuzzy cat,

who made his owner sneeze?

Had a toy been brought to life

by magic in that house?

Don’t be silly! Use your head!

What stirred was just a mouse!

6 thoughts on “The Stirring

      1. Ha! Stephen King ruins everything (and I at one point was a huge fan of his!)
        The Toy Story series redeems it and since I’ve watched them all— Oh, I don’t know 500,000 times (thanks kids!) — I just have to believe it’s both. The toys were trying to catch the mouse. 😂

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