Snowman Dan

We built a snowman yesterday

in Brian Bilby’s yard.

We slaved for hours building him —

I’ve never worked so hard!

Dan was the biggest snowman

this town has ever seen,

and once we finished building him,

then Brian got quite mean.

He said that Dan belonged to him,

cause we used all his snow.

Then he said, our time was up —

that Ted and I should go.

Ted and I were good and mad

so vowed that we’d get even.

And then a thought occurred to me,

so I screamed, “Ted – we’re leavin’!”

Then Ted and I stormed out the gate

as Brian smirked at Dan.

What stupid Brian didn’t know

was that I had a plan.

And so today, I’m feeling fine,

and so it good, old Ted.

But you can bet that Brian’s not

cause poor Dan has no head!

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