A Canadian Hallowe’en

I’m looking like Count Dracula;

my cape is black and sleek.

I have white powder on my face

and fangs to make folks freak.

I have an empty pillowcase

and plan to start out soon,

collecting goodies at each door,

beneath the silver moon.

I know this night’s much better

so I’ll be on my way.

Because October is so cold,

I’m glad that I chose May!

7 thoughts on “A Canadian Hallowe’en

  1. Ha, Ha! Good one! Your little guy is so cute/ scary that people will probably give him stuff anyway
    –even though it’s not Hallowe’
    I am also remembering a true story from way back when : somebody gave away a large litter of kittens–one by one–on Halloween, and NONE of them were returned! Amazing!
    Have a good time ANYWAY, everybody!

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