The front hall closet’s where I’m hid,

behind a winter coat,

and as I stand here quietly,

I know that soon I’ll gloat.

You see, my sister, yesterday,

scared me half to death.

I vowed that I’d get even,

once I’d caught my breath.

She laughed and called me “Scaredy-cat”.

I yelled and said, “You’ll pay!”

And cause I am committed,

I’ve not gone out to play.

I know, in time, she’ll walk this hall.

I’ll leap out and scream “BOO!”

for if I want to get revenge —

that’s what I have to do.

I must be patient, that I know,

if my plan’s going to work.

Yes, I can see her screaming loud

and calling me a jerk.

Two hours I have hidden here

and this place is a bore.

My legs are tired of standing still,

so I’ll sit on the floor.

I’m now at dinner with my folks

and my sister too,

and I’m feeling really dumb,

but now know what I’ll do.

You see, my mother found me

in the closet on the floor.

She said that she’d heard something —

the sound was my own snore.

My new plan is much better!

My sister will feel dread,

for I’ll scream “BOO!” at ten o’clock

from right beneath her bed!

8 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. My son hid under my youngest (5 yo) daughter’s bed one night. His intention was to wait there until she fell asleep then scratch and claw and terrify her. Luckily I discovered him under the bed when I made my “goodnight” rounds and he wasn’t in his room.
    I warned him that if he started down that trail he’d regret it. When he realized I meant to hide under his bed, he changed his mind quick— he’s never tried anything like that again!

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