Little Bob

Little Bob was quite the boy.

His favourite thing was to annoy

anyone who was around,

and annoy them he was bound.

He loved to hiccup really loud

and of his hiccups — he seemed proud!

These hiccups truly were not fact,

cause Little Bob put on an act.

At school, Bob was just a brat.

He’d scream, then say he’d seen a rat,

so all the kids would start to cry,

too young to know it was a lie.

Bob’s teacher, Mrs. Brown, was tough.

One day, she’d simply had enough.

Bob was “seeing” rats galore,

and screaming til she screamed, “NO MORE!”

She took Bob by his little hand,

and at the front, she made him stand.

She told her class to, at Bob, stare,

and, Mrs. Brown, at Bob, did glare.

As the class all stared ahead,

Bob’s whole face soon turned bright red.

He stood there feeling like a fool,

and after — saw no rats at school.

Embarrassment is sure no fun,

and with it, Bob was surely done,

so his advice for all who clown,

is to avoid that Mrs. Brown!

7 thoughts on “Little Bob

  1. If Bob lived in Alberta, the whole class apparently didn’t know that Alberta is rat free…
    … much harder to find words that rhyme with mouse than rat though!


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