Artistic Pursuits

Kenny was a drummer

and he was only four;

that’s why when once you heard him,

you hoped to hear no more.

He had no sense of rhythm,

but thought he sounded good,

and so he played as loudly

as his drum set could.

He crashed and banged each hour,

so happy in his youth,

and cause his mother loved him,

she couldn’t tell him the truth.

He really sounded dreadful,

and she was driven mad,

but thought of a solution

with help from Kenny’s dad.

They bought their boy an easel,

some paper and some paint,

and Kenny took to painting

with simply no complaint.

His drum set was forgotten

and soon it disappeared;

cause while he painted madly,

of drums his memory cleared.

His pictures sure have color

and have a certain style,

and though he is no artist,

they make his parents smile.

These parents learned a lesson,

and what, indeed, they found

is though paint sure is messy,

loud colours have no sound.

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