Roller Skates

Tommy got some roller skates

and slapped them on his feet.

He rolled outside and looked around —

these roller skates were neat!

He rolled up to the front yard gate

and opened it with glee.

Skating down the street, he knew,

would make him feel quite free.

To the corner he did skate

with underwhelming skill,

then turned the corner, and too late —

he spied the downward hill!

He didn’t have the skill to stop,

so down the hill he swept.

Everyone who saw him pass

screamed and yelled and wept.

But Tommy was a lucky guy

because he hit a bump.

It launched him up into the air

much like a skier’s jump.

Tommy fell into a tree

and upside down he hung.

He’s really not a stupid guy —

the trouble is he’s young.

That’s why what Tommy learned that day

is if you want a thrill —

buckle up your roller skates

and find yourself a hill!

6 thoughts on “Roller Skates

  1. Ha, ha! I loved “underwhelming skill!” I figured that hitting the big bump was gonna knock his skates off, but having it launch him into a tree works, too. Cute poem!

    Liked by 2 people

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