Parent-teacher Interviews

At parent-teacher interviews,

my mother heard a lot,

and each and everything she heard

used that darn word “not”.

I do not pay attention,

so I don’t know what to do.

I do not ask some questions,

so I really have no clue.

I do not keep my binder neat,

so everything’s a mess.

I do not write my homework down,

so, at home, I just guess.

I’m not the greatest student

and I guess that is a shame,

but someday it won’t matter —

I’ll be rich and I’ll have fame!

7 thoughts on “Parent-teacher Interviews

  1. Ha, ha! Dream on, kid!
    Say, I hear those parent-teacher meetings are hard on everyone concerned. Why, I even know a teacher who calls them Meet the Creature nights!

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  2. Meet the Creature nights with my three kids were, most often, glowing reports about a child that didn’t sound at all like the one that lived in our house. My neighbour, who had raised four kids, said that was good. She said my kids were confident that they were loved enough by their parents that they could test the boundaries at home and not get booted out the door. They behaved in public because they didn’t have the same confidence about the reaction from their peers or teachers… that was before they hit their late teens, of course…

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    1. Jeff was a handful as a little kid, but by grade 4, he was moving in the right direction and really wasn’t hard to raise after that. He learned young that you can’t buck the power structure and win. 😊 One is a lot easier to raise than 3!

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