The Martians

My brother likes to spy on me

cause Dean’s a little brat,

so one day, I decided

I’d fix that little rat!

My friend, Tommy, helped me plan

the way that I’d get even.

Dean would overhear us talk,

so he would be believin’.

Tom and I went to my room

cause we knew Dean was hiding.

Yes, down beneath my double bed,

Rat Dean was residing.

We settled down to have our chat

once I’d closed the door.

It was the time that I’d prepared

to even up the score.

“I sure miss Mars,” I said to Tom.

He said, “I miss it too.

Our invasion’s going well.

The Earthlings have no clue.”

I said, “We Martians are too smart

to ever be revealed,

because inside of human beings,

we are now concealed.”

“I sure miss eating bugs,” I said.

Tom said, “I miss that too.”

“But,” I said and slyly smiled,

“I’m snacking on a shoe.”

“I miss flying like a bird,”

said Tom, “but we’ll soon soar

throughout these skies and everywhere,

that’s once we’ve won the war.”

I said, “The Earthlings sure are doomed.

For them — it is the grave,

because we Martians are so smart

and we are truly brave.”

Mom called, “Lunch!” about that time,

and Tommy got lunch too,

so we sat down to eat our meal,

but Dean was not in view.

Soon enough, Rat Dean appeared,

looking white and scared.

Tom and I just smiled at him,

and at us, he just stared.

Dean told Mom what we had said,

crying as he did.

She made me tell him that I lied,

suspecting that he hid.

Now Dean cannot go in my room.

Mom said — it’s not his place!

And I can tell Dean wonders still

if I’m from outer space!

7 thoughts on “The Martians

  1. Years ago friends of ours built a makeshift space ship in the backyard and took a picture of themselves reaching in to pick up their 3 month old. They had it on the mantel for years but it would have been better just to wait and show the kid the picture when he was 12. cheers

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