Tommy the Bully

Tommy was a bully

who bullied just for fun,

and any game he played with us,

he’d bully til he “won”.

He’d bully til we had to say

his foul ball had been fair,

and races that he’d lose, we’d say

he’d won by just a hair.

He knew just how to make us cry

if he was feeling mad,

and so we kids prayed every day

that he was feeling glad.

But then one day there came along

a girl whose name was Lil,

and when Tom said, “Hey, you’re too tall”,

she looked like she would kill.

She said, “I’m not the problem here.

The problem’s you’re too short”,

and then she shocked each one of us

by calling Tom a “wart”!

The rest of us just had to laugh

cause Tom’s eyes filled with tears,

and his wobbling chin told us

this ended all our fears.

He was like the rest of us,

so now we could be strong.

Yes, we were fairly certain that

his bullying was gone.

Tommy learned a lot that day

and does not bully still

because we all made sure to be

a best friend to that Lil!

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