A Dog’s Life

I’d really like to be a dog

cause their lives are the best.

Instead of doing homework,

well, I could sit and rest.

Anytime I wanted love,

I’d wag my tail with might,

and snuggle with my master

cause he would hold me tight.

In the yard, I’d run around

instead of raking grass,

and then collapse and go to sleep

when I ran out of gas.

Every day I’d get some treats

for doing little tricks,

and in the park, I’m certain that

my master would throw sticks.

But as I study as my desk

until I want to scream,

I know that if I were a dog,

I couldn’t eat this ice cream.

6 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. Dogs sometimes eat disgusting things when they are outside. Then there is the parts of the body that they lick… After I’ve watched what a dog does, I’m pretty sure I would not like being one.

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