The Blanket Tent

I made a tent beside the couch

with my big brother, Nate,

and everything about our tent

was absolutely great.

We used some blankets from our rooms

and chairs to hold them up,

and crawled inside when it was done

with Sonny who’s our pup.

We asked our mom if we could sleep

together in our tent.

We were excited ‘bout the night —

I thought we’d be content.

We got our sleeping bags rolled out

and everything was right.

We got inside our sleeping bags,

and we began our night.

I said, “Tell me a story, please.”

Nate said, “This story’s true.”

He said, “Our house is haunted.”

I said, “I had no clue.”

“Our folks say it’s a secret

and you, I shouldn’t have told,”

said Nate, “but you’re my brother.”

I felt my blood run cold.

Nate told me all the details

before he went to sleep.

I listened to him breathing

and from our tent did creep.

I’ve never been so frightened,

and I was frightened bad,

and cause I couldn’t stop shaking,

I slept with Mom and Dad.

Nate had to take our tent down

and tell me that he lied.

He told me he was sorry,

so I was satisfied.

Nate has to do my chore list

along with all his work.

I figure that he’s learning

how not to be a jerk.

And cause I love my brother,

I’m sure no harm was meant,

and so I’m hoping Friday night

we get to build our tent.

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