Canadian Spring

It’s snowing really hard right now,

this twenty-fourth of May,

and cause the weather is so bad,

outside I just can’t play.

I should be on my bike right now

or fishing at the lake.

This rotten snow storm really is

just more than I can take.

I should be playing baseball

or swimming at the pool,

but I can’t do my favourite things

cause Mother Nature’s cruel.

My parents couldn’t be happier —

they welcome every flake!

They’re playing cards and eating chips

cause they can’t weed or rake!

5 thoughts on “Canadian Spring

  1. Pretty typical ‘May long’ weather storm, wasn’t it! Two of our family members wanted to test their new-old truck camper out but opted to drive to our place in the country where they could camp, but pop into the house to a warm bed if their old furnace quit.

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