Sally’s First Laundry Day

Sally thought she’d do a wash

while Mom was in the yard

planting all the vegetables.

Sal thought it wouldn’t be hard.

She threw in dirty clothes she found,

some blue, some red, some white,

and several other colours.

She’d wash them with delight.

On the washer she read dials

and made the water “hot”.

Then she poured detergent in,

and I mean quite a lot.

Of course, she learned what not to do,

and she was really sad,

cause after drying all the clothes,

she saw that they looked bad!

Several things had shrunken lots,

and so could not be worn.

Sally ruined her favourite jeans,

and that sure made her mourn.

Dad’s white shirts were pinky pink,

just like Mom’s white skirt.

“But,” sobbed Sally to her folks,

“Notice — there’s no dirt!”

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