Sitting in This Tree

I’ve climbed this tree in our back yard

against my mother’s wishes.

The reason is she says I must

wash and dry the dishes.

She says since I am growing up

I need to learn to work.

Then something made me really mad —

my little sister’s smirk!

“It isn’t fair!” I shrieked too loud,

sounding kind of crazy.

The reason I was so darn mad

is cause my sister’s lazy.

“Beth can dry!” I said through tears.

“I shouldn’t do it all!”

“She’s too young,” my mother said,

and I began to bawl.

And so I’m sitting in this tree

as mad as I can get,

but climbing up this tree is now

sure something I regret.

Mom has spied me in this tree,

and you should see her frown.

The reason I’m still sitting here is

cause there’s no way down.

Our cat was rescued from this tree

cause fire fighters came,

and when Mom has to phone them soon,

I’ll hang my head in shame.

The next time that I’m mad at Mom,

as mad as I can be —

the only thing that I won’t do

is climb this stupid tree.

6 thoughts on “Sitting in This Tree

  1. Yes, now you’re stuck and you will be doing the dishes an awful lot. And little sis will be smirking away. Not only that but your buddies will have a lot of comments as well.
    This was a good one. As always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That poor kid! It isn’t even a comfortable perch up there.
    But, you know, there is a solution! My grandma used to tell a story about a bad little boy who climbed up on a bridge and couldn’t get down. Then he remembered that he was wearing socks, so he unraveled them and slid down the yarn.
    Those nice red socks–I like red– would doubtless make a great escape possible!


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