My Slow Dog

I really think my dog is slow,

and now I’ll tell you how I know.

Spotty just won’t chase his ball —

with it, he won’t play at all.

And if, for him, I throw a stick,

he doesn’t seem to care a lick.

He only gives his tail a wag,

while “Chase it! Chase it!” I will nag.

To the park he will not go,

and so I think he must be slow.

I guess he’s stupid as a rock —

the only thing he does is talk!

6 thoughts on “My Slow Dog

  1. Hmmm…We had a dog like that once. He’d say things like, “You just threw the ball away and you want me to go get it for you? No way, ‘pal’.” Or, “Wow. My master can throw a stick.” He caught his tail once but after that he knew better than to chase it anymore. Turns out the dog was smarter than me.

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