Charlie the Mumbler

Charlie always mumbled,

which drove his mother crazy.

“Speak clearly,” she would yell.

“The way you talk is lazy!”

“Mumble,” he’d retort,

but who knows what he said,

and his mom would sigh

and simply shake her head.

At school, he would mumble

when answering Miss Moore,

who’d smile and nod and think,

her hearing must be poor.

Everyone was tired

of Charlie’s way of talking

and what made Charlie change

was everybody mocking.

Yes, everyone decided

to talk like Charlie did,

and Charlie soon discovered

he understood no kid.

He understood no person!

His mom did not make sense!

His father just confused him,

and Charlie soon got tense.

Then Charlie started yelling,

“Would everybody end

all the horrible mumbling!

You have to stop this trend!”

Charlie spoke so clearly,

he proved to all that heard,

he could no long justify

any mumbled word.

Now Charlie’s understood!

It’s clear what’s in his head,

but most of what dear Charlie says

would best be left unsaid!

5 thoughts on “Charlie the Mumbler

  1. One of my grandson’s spoke very quietly and very quickly. I missed most of what he said. Then he joined a drama group and has been in several plays. His speech now is much louder and slower. Good thing, since my hearing is not getting better as I age!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should have had my son take drama! There were times when I thought his mumbling was a little passive-aggressive. He’s better now, but still mumbles at times, and my hearing isn’t improving with age either.

      Liked by 1 person

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