Ten Fingers

I had a math test yesterday;

the test was awfully tough.

The trouble is ten fingers are

just simply not enough!

For three plus four, my fingers worked —

I counted up to seven.

But how the heck do fingers work

when counting to eleven?

For ten plus five, I shook my head;

yes, me it did confuse,

until I had the good sense to

remove my socks and shoes!

2 thoughts on “Ten Fingers

  1. That’s one creative kid! I can totally sympathize with him. Why, to this day, Wednesday is still my favorite day because, in grade 8, we never had Math class on Wednesdays.


    1. This poem was inspired by my own “inner math moron”. I still haven’t found a use for the vast majority of things I tried to learn in math class. For example — when was the last time you said to yourself, “Gee, I guess I’m going to have to factor a trinomial in order to complete this task.”


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