Alphabetical Seating

In Mrs. Rose’s classroom,

each year it’s just the same.

According to the alphabet

each student sits by name.

Matt Bower is the lucky guy

who sits by Becky Cross.

Stan Stewart whispers through the day

to pretty Maggie Ross.

Sarah Grayson gets to sit

with her friend, Sally Glass,

and Mrs. Rose just never sees

the notes they always pass.

Ronald Leeman smuggles gum

behind to Larry Mann.

It’s just another reason why

I hate this seating plan.

The final row is where I’m stuck

with stupid Cameron Whit,

who is the biggest reason why

I hate the place I sit.

He always whispers when he reads

and sneezes lots each day,

and sometimes when he talks to me,

I feel a little spray.

I know he’s really not so bad

and I’m just being mean,

but it’s because I want to sit

with my friend, Tommy Green.

There’s someone who I long to meet

and punch right in the nose

because he taught the alphabet

so well to Mrs. Rose.

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