Writer’s Block

I have to write a story

for Mrs. Burton’s class,

and if I don’t write something,

I won’t receive a pass.

And so I think my story

will be about a spy,

or maybe a magician,

or maybe just some guy.

Or maybe I will write

about some little pigs,

and they will build some houses —

one brick, one hay, one twigs.

Mom says I can’t write stories

the same as ones I’ve read,

so as I lie here thinking,

I’m really filled with dread.

Cause I can think of nothing

no matter how I try.

Yes, when it comes to stories,

I’m really not your guy.

And so I wrote my story —

could think of nothing more,

and Mrs. Burton will agree,

my day was quite a bore!

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Too bad he didn’t go with the pigs. I mean, don’t pigs do other things, too? Those certainly are cute pigs, anyway– especially rheir tails! And I love the frustration of “or maybe just some guy.” Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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