Other Things #18 – Poemlet #12

“The Easy Choice” I’d really like to be a clown and dress in silly clothes. I’d like to wear those great big shoes and wear a big, red nose. Yes, circus life sure looks like fun and for it I do hanker, or maybe I’ll be like my dad and end up as a banker.Continue reading “Other Things #18 – Poemlet #12”

Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11

“Self-satisfaction” I like my toes, I really do! I also like my fingers too. In fact, there’s not a part of me that needs to change, from what I see. Because of this, I cannot say, “improvement” is my goal today. Do something — yes, I really should, because I’m sure — it will beContinue reading “Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11”

Other Things #15 – Poemlet #9

“All At Once” I love popcorn and peanuts and hot dogs and donuts, and spaghetti with meatballs — but not all at once. I love baseball and football and hockey and soccer and riding my skateboard — but not all at once. I love Sarah and Ashley and Karen and Courtney and Beth with herContinue reading “Other Things #15 – Poemlet #9”

Other Things #14 – A Night of Danger!

Years ago, I was having my mother, aunt, uncle over for dinner one evening, and naturally, there were several things to do in preparation. Besides making the dinner, I wanted to get the house looking its best because my aunt and uncle were from out-of-town and weren’t over often. I asked my husband if heContinue reading “Other Things #14 – A Night of Danger!”

Other Things # 13 – Toilet Paper Again

My first “Other Things” post concerned the toilet paper situation at Costco early in the Covid 19 Pandemic. It was when the “toilet paper panic” was coming to an end because stores, including Costco, were limiting people to one package per trip. I was thrilled because I no longer had to worry about such mundaneContinue reading “Other Things # 13 – Toilet Paper Again”

Other Things # 9 – Dark Poem #1

When I wrote this years ago, I thought of it as a children’s poem, but I’ve since decided it’s a little too dark for children, so I’m classifying it as one of the “Other Things”. “Fowl Foul Play” Mother Goose was quite the bird! She wrote the best poems ever heard, of Mother Hubbard, JackContinue reading “Other Things # 9 – Dark Poem #1”