Mom’s Garage Sale

Right now my mom is standing inside the open door, and all our old junk’s sitting on tables and the floor. She’s labeled every item with price tags — every one! She’s charging twenty-five cents for my old plastic gun. Old brooms, old hats, old rubber boots, each one will cost a buck, and maybeContinue reading “Mom’s Garage Sale”

The Accidents

My brother Eric’s learning to drive the family car, and here’s the list of accidents that he has had so far. He smashed into the garbage cans, they rolled right down the lane and scattered garbage everywhere, so neighbours did complain. And then there was the afternoon the car went for a swim, cause EricContinue reading “The Accidents”

She Just Stared

Mary, at her sister, stared. At Mary, her big sister glared. “Stop staring! Listen! Do you hear? You’re staring makes me feel so queer!” But Mary smirked and she just stared, and so her sister’s temper flared. “Stop it! Right now! I’ll go mad! It’s really making me feel bad!” But Mary smirked and sheContinue reading “She Just Stared”