Other Things #12 – Poemlet #8

“Old Dogs” Our old dog, Chester, sits alone, and all he does is chew his bone. I hear him gnawing without end; his grinding drives me round the bend. An old dog’s job must be to chew; I guess that’s what all old dogs do. Therefore it is because of that, sometimes I wish heContinue reading “Other Things #12 – Poemlet #8”

Other Things # 9 – Dark Poem #1

When I wrote this years ago, I thought of it as a children’s poem, but I’ve since decided it’s a little too dark for children, so I’m classifying it as one of the “Other Things”. “Fowl Foul Play” Mother Goose was quite the bird! She wrote the best poems ever heard, of Mother Hubbard, JackContinue reading “Other Things # 9 – Dark Poem #1”