A Canadian Hallowe’en

I’m looking like Count Dracula; my cape is black and sleek. I have white powder on my face and fangs to make folks freak. I have an empty pillowcase and plan to start out soon, collecting goodies at each door, beneath the silver moon. I know this night’s much better so I’ll be on myContinue reading “A Canadian Hallowe’en”


I really don’t like Goldilocks — she’s rotten to the core. She broke into the Three Bears’ house and broke laws by the score. She wolfed down someone else’s food — that’s theft, make no mistake! And vandalism was her crime when Baby’s chair did break. Sleeping in another’s bed was tasteless and just rude.Continue reading “Goldilocks”

Other Things #15 – Poemlet #9

“All At Once” I love popcorn and peanuts and hot dogs and donuts, and spaghetti with meatballs — but not all at once. I love baseball and football and hockey and soccer and riding my skateboard — but not all at once. I love Sarah and Ashley and Karen and Courtney and Beth with herContinue reading “Other Things #15 – Poemlet #9”

If I Were a Thundercloud

If I were a thundercloud I’d rumble through the night and scare my little sister pink because we always fight. I’d flash my lightning right outside the window by her bed. I’d do that several times for all the rotten things she’s said. Unfortunately, I’m a boy so lightening I can’t make, which means I’mContinue reading “If I Were a Thundercloud”

Other Things #14 – A Night of Danger!

Years ago, I was having my mother, aunt, uncle over for dinner one evening, and naturally, there were several things to do in preparation. Besides making the dinner, I wanted to get the house looking its best because my aunt and uncle were from out-of-town and weren’t over often. I asked my husband if heContinue reading “Other Things #14 – A Night of Danger!”

Other Things # 13 – Toilet Paper Again

My first “Other Things” post concerned the toilet paper situation at Costco early in the Covid 19 Pandemic. It was when the “toilet paper panic” was coming to an end because stores, including Costco, were limiting people to one package per trip. I was thrilled because I no longer had to worry about such mundaneContinue reading “Other Things # 13 – Toilet Paper Again”