The Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert sure was fun though Miss Blake’s still upset. Because so many things went wrong, she’s not recovered yet. The truth is Clarence is a pain so got what he deserved, and since that evening, Clarence has been thoroughly unnerved. Clarence Henry was the star of Miss Blake’s Christmas play. She said hisContinue reading “The Christmas Concert”

Our Kitten Climbed the Christmas Tree

Our kitten climbed the Christmas tree, and then he just went mad, batting lights and ornaments. That kitten sure was bad! He chewed some tinsel, ruining it, but we couldn’t reach the brat, and so his rampage just went on while Mom kept screaming, “Scat!” Soon he reached the angel’s branch, the topper on ourContinue reading “Our Kitten Climbed the Christmas Tree”

My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night

My brother ate a worm last night which really made me cry. I thought because he ate that worm that he would surely die. And if he died, I knew for sure that I would be to blame, cause when he said he’d eat a worm I really mocked his claim. I said, “There’s noContinue reading “My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night”

I Really Love Potato Chips

I really love potato chips. I love them with all kinds of dips. Garlic, dill, and cheesy cheese are assured to always please. On cereal, I’ll drop some chips (and when I do, my mother flips). At lunch, the rippled chip is best — it holds more dip I do attest. At dinner, chips goContinue reading “I Really Love Potato Chips”