I’d Like To Be a Butterfly

I’d like to be a butterfly, and fly with lovely grace. I’d float and flutter through the day and fly to every place. I’d visit gardens everywhere and flowers, I would greet. No doubt we’d bond together in friendship, oh so sweet! I’d like to be a butterfly cause everybody knows, people sure love butterfliesContinue reading “I’d Like To Be a Butterfly”

The Blanket Tent

I made a tent beside the couch with my big brother, Nate, and everything about our tent was absolutely great. We used some blankets from our rooms and chairs to hold them up, and crawled inside when it was done with Sonny who’s our pup. We asked our mom if we could sleep together inContinue reading “The Blanket Tent”

Parent-teacher Interviews

At parent-teacher interviews, my mother heard a lot, and each and everything she heard used that darn word “not”. I do not pay attention, so I don’t know what to do. I do not ask some questions, so I really have no clue. I do not keep my binder neat, so everything’s a mess. IContinue reading “Parent-teacher Interviews”